While we haven't gone completely organic, over 90% of our fertilizers are. Our largest organic line is E.B. Stone Organics.  What I like about these fertilizers, besides being organic is the addition of Humic Acids and soil microbes including mycorrhizal fungi. We have been recommending mycorrhizal fungi be added to the soil for years. These fungi are part of the web of life in the soil that is often missing from soil that has been disturbed, (digging, tilling, grading).

Our best seller in the organic line is Sure Start. In the beginning we always recommend the addition of Sure Start at planting time with supplemental feedings of the All-Purpose. The E.B. Stone line also has specialty foods like Azalea-Camellia food or Tomato and Vegetable food which are also popular. The Tomato Vegetable food is great for those trying organic food growing. We like the Fish Emulsion too, since it also has Kelp Meal added which seems to make a difference.

Many of our organic fertilizers are available for purchase at our online garden shop. .