Greenhouse Grower Magazine, "Known online as the The Blogging Nurseryman since 2005, Trey Pitsenberger has worked to create one of the industry’s most read blogs" George Ball, president of Burpee Seed and owner of Heronswood , “The only gutsy retailer I have found. Puts himself out there. As expected, he blogs depending on time available.”

Amy Stewart, author and co-conspirator at Garden Rant, “Check out the most awesomeist blog we know of by a garden company–that of The Golden Gecko. Trey is always honest, straightforward, thoughtful, and personable. He thinks about the big picture and all the little stuff. He really lets us see what goes on behind the scenes. You rock, Trey.”

Unknown Twitter user, "this dude trey is hardcore...if nothing else he's thought-provoking."

Doug Green, one of Canada’s most-published garden writer's, "If you’re involved in the industry, Trey’s (he’s a nurseryman with his own garden center) blog is a must-read."

Sid Raisch, Garden Center Consultant at Horticultural Advantage, "you have propelled yourself to the ranks of the trade press...just about anyone at the highest levels in the industry will take you seriously and respond to your emails and phone calls to confirm or dispel rumors about them. You can be a completely unbiased reporter since you have no advertising revenue and can’t be accused of slanted writing because of it."

Martha C. White, author at, a daily resource for entrepreneurs, “a must read in the industry.”

Victor Flaherty, owner Plants for All Seasons, “Your blog inspired me to create my own blog… Thanks for being a pioneer!”

Molly Day of the Muskogee-Phoenix, “This is another case of less is more. If you have a minute or two, click over to the Blogging Nurseryman. His topics are interesting. On the right side, there are links to his other two websites and links to a whole bunch of other gardening blogs for your amusement.”

Susan Harris, co-author Garden Rant, “You’re so right about Trey and his blog. If I lived his area I’d shop there as much as possible – seriously!”

Layanee, a Manufacturer’s Representative in the Lawn and Garden Industry in the Southern New England area and author of Ledge and Gardens, “Trey is a great communicator and always interesting.”

Genie, The Inadvertent Gardener, “passionate about independent garden centers, keeping customers happy, and finding ways to use technology to bring customers to the fabulous garden center he and his wife own and run, and to get information about gardening out to the world at large.”