The Bokashi Bucket

We have been looking for a way to compost all our kitchen scraps, including meat, bones, coffee, and dairy. Whatever method we use it cannot smell bad as we want to keep it right in the kitchen for convenience. We think the answer is with The Bokashi Bucket.

The Bokashi Bucket comes to us from Hawaii, and harnesses the power of beneficial microbes using anaerobic (no oxygen) to break down the food waste.  It's 100% natural and 100% safe for people, plants and the environment. The Bokashi Bucket turns your food waste into a nutrient-rich compost that your plants, tress and lawn will love. Dirt ain't cheap anymore. Why buy it when you can make it!

The complete Bokashi Bucket home composting system includes everything you need to get started with Bokashi composting.

Each Bokashi Bucket System includes:

  • Bokashi Bucket
  • 1 bag Bokashi Activator Mix
  • Strainer Plate
  • Smasher Tool

We just ordered some and should have the first shipment in a week. We are looking to see if people are interested, as we will order more based on that interest. Let us know if you would like us to order you one. You can also come to the store and pick one up starting in a week. Cost for the system, $69.99

Here is a link to the companies website where you can find out more about The Bokashi Bucket