Blueberries in your garden

It seems blueberries have become one of the most popular home fruits to grow. Especially here in California where blueberry culture was difficult in the past. New varieties, many of which are known as "Southern Highbush", have enabled Californian's to grow fantastic fruit.  These Southern Highbush types we're bred for heat resistance, unlike the blueberries know as Northern Lowbush. Northern Lowbush we're the only types available to us in the day, and getting them to produce was difficult. The Southern Highbush have changed all that.

We sell 5 varieties of blueberries. All have been chosen to produce well here in our particular area. I grow mine in containers, but you can grow them in the ground if you like. They grow best in full sun, but will tolerate some afternoon shade. Most grow to about 4 foot tall and wide, and if you care for them properly they can produce for months in the summer. 

If you can grow more than one variety so they can cross pollinate and produce even more berries. Join Ed Livo as he takes us on a tour of his backyard, and shows us whats possible. Dave Wilson Nursery is where we procure our blueberry plants.