Earwigs are out to destroy your seedlings!

With new vegetable and flower seedlings going in some people are reporting what appears to be chewing going on. No pests are seen, but the leaves start to look like swiss cheese with all the holes. This pictures shows the classic damage from "earwigs", or "pincer bugs". The reason they are not seen during the day is they are nocturnal (operate at night) and come sunrise they hide under rocks, hay, potted plants, just about anywhere it's dark. 

Here at the nursery we use "Sluggo Plus" to get prevent and get rid of earwig damage. Sluggo Plus is the safest and most effective killer and barrier of snails and slugs we have ever used here at the nursery. Its active ingredient is iron phosphate, which is completely safe for pets and wildlife. (It also contains a small amount of spinosad, which is what kills the earwigs.) And as it decomposes, it becomes a fertilizer your garden will really appreciate! Available in 1lb, and 2.5 lb sizes. 1 lb will treat up to 2000 sq. ft.