Starting seeds and clones indoors


It's that time of year when ones thoughts turn to spring and propagation. As we enter the time frame for starting seeds and clones indoors you might want to make sure you have the necessary supplies.

You can create a miniature greenhouse right inside your house for less than $20. You'll need one of our seed trays, greenhouse dome that fit's on top of that tray, and some type of media. What's "media"? Media is the stuff that the plant grows in. It could be rockwool cubes, oasis cubes, potting soil, coco coir, root riot cubes, perlite, sand, or any number of other types of media. The greenhouse dome will keep the moisture where it needs to be, in the "mini ecosystem" you created. 


Light is important for growing indoors. Typically there is not enough natural light inside to start seeds or clones, so we place the greenhouse under lights. We have many different types of lighting setups that you can see here at the nursery. You don'y need high powered lights, just some specialized florescent types (T5 type) for plants. Growing under lights is fun, and during the long winter days hanging out with your seeds and clones in a well lit room will raise your spirits! 

Finally, heat the seed tray! Bottom heat will improve the rate of germination and make for a better all around greenhouse ecosystem. You place a "heat mat" under the tray, and the gentle warmth rises and keeps the seed tray just warm enough to benefit the plants without overheating them. Be sure not to place your greenhouse in too sunny a window. It can get quite warm and can actually kill the plants inside. 


Fall Harvest Festival

Join us on October 22nd, for our annual Fall Harvest Festival here at the nursery. We are having a scarecrow contest open to all. For a $10 entrance fee we give you a bale of straw and a stake to hold the scarecrow in the bale. You build the scarecrow here at the nursery. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. place. Gift certificates in the value of $100, $50, and $25! 

There will also be judging of the largest pumpkin on The Divide. People signed up when they received their Atlantic Giant seed in Spring. Lets see who wins.

There will be guests showing how to raise bees, throw pottery, fall and winter garden, Alpaca goods (as well as a real alpaca), and much more. Let's celebrate a great year and harvest, rain or shine. We will have vendors with food available.

Fall Harvest Festival

When: October 22nd, 10 am-2 pm. Rain or shine

Where: The Golden Gecko Garden Center

For more info call, 530-333-2394 or email at





Your local beekeeping experts

We have now completed our two beginning beekeeping classes, and they we're quite a success. People are excited about working with the bees and we may have some new beekeepers as a result. 

Here at The Golden Gecko we are starting our beekeeping supply business, "Bee Friendly Beekeeping Supplies". To start out we will offer the basics to get people up and running as beekeepers. Both brood and super boxes, frames, smokers, pollen patties, etc. will available both here at the store, or online for shipping.

If you have questions about beekeeping be sure to give us a call, or e-mail. We will get you an answer pronto. 


It's time to plant blueberries

Blueberries are in and ready for planting! This year we have 9 different types available. They are potted and cost 9.99 ea. We have Bluecrop, Blueray, Legacy, Misty, O'Neal, Reveille, Southmoon, Sunshine Blue, and Top Hat. By two different varieties for more pollination, and more berries. We even plant the two per container for space savings. Here is a link to a great video from our grower on how to grow blueberries in container's. 

The gift that keeps giving

 I am talking fruit trees, vines, and bushes. It seems so often the gifts we are told are "in" this year turn out to be just so much fluff. How about the timeless gift of hope and joy?  It's said that if you really want to make a statement about the future, plant a tree. We have all sorts of fun and useful fruit trees and bushes to give this year. Have a beer maker in the family? Why not give hops this year? Hops are fast and easy to grow, providing a beautiful vine to shade the patio, and wonderfully fragrant flowers to make beer with. 

Speaking of vines, we have a hardy kiwi vine that will withstand the coldest of foothill and mountain temperatures. Need a cold tolerant blueberry? We have several varieties to chose from. Blueberries are fantastic container plants, so you can place them anywhere they can receive a days sunshine. 

Sure to please anyone who likes apples, "Honeycrisp" is the hot topic theses days. Its sweetness, firmness, and tartness make it an ideal apple for eating raw. It has much larger cells than most apples, which rupture when bitten to fill the mouth with juice. The Honeycrisp also retains its pigment well and boasts a relatively long shelf life when stored in cool, dry conditions.

All our fruit trees and bushes come in containers so you don't have to plant them right away. Some of these varieties are very popular and will sell out, so don't delay. Get what you want, store right outside, and plant before spring. If you have never planted a fruit tree we can fill you in on the right way to do it for our area. 


New skin and hair care line from The Golden Gecko

Our line of all-natural skin care products grows with the addition of our three lip-balm's. Made from our bees wax, and all natural ingredients. When you use these they will keep those lips from cracking, and you'll be supporting the bees and our efforts to combat bee decline in our area. Available in two flavors, Peppermint and Honey Coco, as well as one unscented. These are made with care here in Garden Valley by Guinevere's Garden, our neighbor. $3.50 ea.

What did we harvest today?

Here is the latest harvest from our small farm behind the nursery. The peppers are really coming along strong. Jalapeno, Padrone, Fresno Chili, and more. Rattlesnake and purple beans are ready. "Rattlesnake Beans" are a tender, refreshing edible podded bean. Beautiful, 7 inch long, purple striped green beans appear on tall plants in summer. When pods are left on the plant to mature and dry, they reveal auburn and brown speckled seeds that are scrumptious in warming winter soups and stews. "Purple Podded Beans", are a delicious heirloom discovered in the Ozark mountains by Henry Fields in the 1930’s and is still requested by many old-timers of this region. The pods are bright purple, stringless, and tender.

Zucchini and cucumbers (both slicing and pickling) are also available. All organically grown right here!

Lots of peppers and beans today

Lots of peppers and beans today

Purple and Rattlesnake beans.

Purple and Rattlesnake beans.

Today's vegetable selection

Organic vegetables from our farm are starting to come with more frequently. Tomatoes are still a week out, but as you can see we have loads of other summer fruits. Pickling and slicing cucumbers,  garlic, "Gold Bar" squash, "Black Beauty" zucchini, and peppers. In peppers we have "Black Hungarian", "Gypsy", "Jalapeno", "Padrone" , and "Fresno Chili". Potatoes and "Rattlesnake" beans round out today selection. Oh, and lots of picked daily Basil!

Remember, we are closed on Mondays!