Hines Nursery for Sale

This could be the end of a long saga. After years of discussing Hines Nurseries, and their problems at this blog it looks like the once powerhouse of a nursery is done. According to Grower Talks, "Bids for the business assets will be accepted until February 23, 2011; if there’s more than one bid, an auction will be held February 25, most likely in Delaware. The case lists three debtors: Consolidated Horticulture Group LLC, New Hines Parent Company LLC, and Hines Nurseries LLC. All three make up the Hines business, owned by Black Diamond Capital Management, which bought Hines in its first bankruptcy sale in January 2009." The article continues, "Hines reported sales of $123 million last year, and about 900 employees at eight nurseries in Arizona, California, Oregon and Texas." 

We have talked about Hines Nurseries and their problems for the last few years. Here is a list of the posts concerning Hines.