Wikileaks and the nursery business

Over the last few weeks on thing has become clear for all to see. There are no secret's anymore. Whether it's state secrets, or company secrets, there is no expectation of privacy. Just a few years ago the letter that Monrovia sent to customers would have stayed with the customers, eventually being dispensed through the various trade magazines. Now the letters contents are published on The Internet for all to see. Two interesting things happen. First, customers of Monrovia (retail nurseries) chime in with their opinions, and if Monrovia wishes they can read what the customers are saying about them. You would hope the company monitors what is said online about them.

The second interesting thing that happens is gardeners writers,  garden bloggers, and people in allied trades apparently find what is happening very interesting. They feel they have something to say. And they do. Monrovia, or any company can also see what they are saying. For the first time customers, and customers of the independent nurseries have something to say, and have the ability to say it. This is something new and novel.

Where is it headed? It bodes well for companies who engage the customer online, and listen to what is being said. It would seem that these days advertising is being usurped from the companies, and put in the hands of the customer. It's become a whole lot more difficult to control the conversation. If you can't control the message, you had better have nothing to hide.