Garden centers around the world deal with the same issues.

It's interesting how the issues we deal with in the states are some of the same issues they deal with in Great Britain.  In the Gardeners World Blog from the BBC  the readers  say, "garden centres could do more to inspire their customers." What? British garden centers are not doing enough to inspire their customers? You have to be kidding? We are talking about Britain where everyone gardens. You would just assume that the garden centers there would be a gardeners paradise. It would appear that even the garden centers acknowledge, "that more could be done to boost inspiration. Plant quality is paramount, good advice essential, and better displays and interaction can entice gardeners to buy more." The "team" at The Gardeners World Blog say, "perhaps it’s time for the garden industry to pool their creative juices and bring their combined passion to life in new garden centre promotions. They have a tremendous opportunity to engage with their local community, enhancing and personalising the gardening experience – something that internet shopping sites can never do."

This is exactly why we created the Facebook Page, Independent Garden Centers and Nurseries. It's a place for garden centers and nurseries to "pool their creative juices and bring our combined passion to life." If you are a owner, manager, assistant manager, or other garden center worker you can join. It's open to all garden centers anywhere, since it seems we all have the same challenges and issues to deal with.