"Creekside Festival"

Tonight is our first “Creekside Festival”. We are going to close the nursery then re-open from 6:00 to 9:00pm. We live at the nursery, and enjoy the garden almost every night and wanted to share this with our friends and customers. We have pathway lights spaced every so often, and have been wrapping white and some blue lights up the big oaks and alders. I most like the “torches” that have been placed under the oaks. Gives it a surreal look, which is what we wanted.

White Bear studios will be showing off their pottery, Woodsong Herb Pharm will be here, and
David Girard Vineyards will be pouring. We are having a sale, too.

It seems rarely do you get a chance to go through public gardens or nurseries at night. The garden takes on a whole different feel, and with the proper use of light you can create some real interesting effects. I like trying to create a sense of mystery and adventure, so the torches should do the trick.

If this turns out as nice as we hope, we will do it every year. We may even have a night event every month in the summer! It’s so hot here during the summer days. There are two or three other wineries in the area, an olive oil producer, and more local artists that could come.

Then on top of this, tomorrow afternoon we are hosting the El Dorado County Master Gardeners for their annual picnic. This is the second year in a row they have been here. It’s neat that the meeting area under the oaks is starting to be used more and more. Garden Clubs, Sacramento Model T club (of which I have pictures, and will post later), Sacramento Porsche Club (more pictures), Coloma-Lotus Chamber, and our local quilt club, have all met here.

I know it will turn out great because our one helper from high school has called in and said he can’t make it this weekend. It never fails that when we put some special event together someone calls in sick. The events usually turn out alright though, so it must be an omen.

I'll try to take some pictures. My skill of holding a camera and wine glass will be tested, since when I set it down it usually falls over, spilling it's precious contents. Gardening While Intoxicated say’s “For me, the big decision is to flick out the little bugs or just drink them. It depends on my mood.”

Little bugs?