Jackson & Perkins declares bankruptcy

Jackson & Perkin's and their parent company Park Seeds has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We haven't bought from either company for years. I remember that our sales rep for Jackson and Perkin's use to drive a Jaguar when he made sales calls. I always thought when it came to sales people it was better to drive a car that was equal to or less expensive than the customers cars.

With major wholesale nurseries like Hines, Bordier's, El Modeno, Jackson Perkins, etc., going bankrupt and having to reorganize it's time to recognize the small garden centers and wholesale nurseries that have stuck it out without going bankrupt. Quietly paying their bills and getting up to head to work each day. Bankruptcy happens, and in the business world it is sometimes the only way forward. Get it over with and move on. If you find yourself in that situation it is some comfort knowing that even the big boys with all the talent and assets they posses can find them selves in a bind at times.