Are you a hunter or farmer?

Interesting post by Seth Godin on "Hunters and Farmers". One bullet point mentions, "Hunters are in sync with Google, a hunting site, farmers like Facebook." Read the post and see where you fall. Facebook has been fun, but I just don't spend the time on it to nurture relationships like so many others are good at. There can be whole days when I just don't want to even look at it. Twitter even more so. Send me on a Google hunt and I could end up anywhere, which is what I like.

The LinkedIn group Garden Centers, Nurseries, and New Media is a perfect example. I started the group, but have allowed others to do the nurturing. They are so much better at it, and the strength of the group is stronger because of it. Something that I spend as little time as possible at is now closing in on 700 members! Discussions start, connections are made, and the group just keeps getting better, with little help from me.

I wonder how many of us try too hard to be good at something that we just don't do well? How many of us act like farmers when we are more like hunters, and visa versa? Getting to know your nature will go a long way towards making your new media efforts more rewarding.

To check out and possibly join the LinkedIn group go here.