The Home Depot of medical cannabis?

We have talked about our foray into indoor gardening and hydroponics in the past. What we have found is there is a tremendous opportunity for crossover sales. I had a presentation the other day at our local garden club. The discussion was on all the new items we carry at the garden center. We focused on the lights, seed starting mats, Grodan grow cubes, greenhouse tray covers, etc., that we're brought in to address the hydroponic or indoor grower. What was interesting is most of the garden club members had never seen these items. They we're excited about the products and came into the garden center to purchase them. Out here in nor Cal this store in Oakland is getting all the attention in the media. Here is what the Silicon Valley News has to say, "The place (iGrow)has the feel of the nursery at a Home Depot, but the house plants, barbecues and sheds are replaced with hydroponic equipment, fans and nutrients for growing medical cannabis plants." City council member Larry Reid say's he is confident the store has enough security to keep out criminals looking to steal valuable equipment and products. And he said he is excited that the store could appeal to gardeners looking to improve their vegetable or flower gardens. "It can be useful for those that want to just grow tomatoes or any other vegetable in their backyard," he said.

This place is a warehouse. It's 15,000 square feet! While it may be successful in it's primary objective, I doubt it's going to pull many vegetable or flower gardeners into it, yet.  What will be interesting to watch is how the smaller hydroponic and indoor growers respond to this "Home Depot" of indoor supplies. Google hydroponics in the zip code of this store and 261 results come up! You heard it right, 261 results. It would seem that all these smaller "mom and pop" stores now have the same competition we in the garden center business have faced over the years. What happens when the people who own the new I Grow superstore decide to start carrying vegetable plants and flowers to compliment their other products?

Interesting stuff.