It's True!

My question from yesterday has been answered. Greenhouse Grower Magazine confirms that Color Spot Nurseries has purchased El Modeno Gardens Nursery. According to Greenhouse Grower, "El Modeno Gardens will close its doors after Oct. 31 and Color Spot Nurseries is purchasing the operation’s equipment, raw materials and inventory."

It's interesting how the nursery industry is fragmenting. I think once wholesale nurseries decide which "industry" they want to service, the better off they will be. It becomes harder and harder to supply both the chain stores and the independents. You have to focus on one or the other. I think we are going to see even more medium sized nurseries get gobbled up by bigger players, or go out of business.

This is a unique time in the nursery business. No one really know what the playing field will look like in the near future. Everything is up in the air, and the winds are ripe with possibilities.