Suddenly hydroponics is going mainstream, in Saigon!

Readers of my blog know we have been discussing bringing hydroponics into my garden center since July 2nd, 2008. Here is a list of articles I have done on the subject since then.  My latest post on the subject was just this week. It seems like the idea is somewhat less than welcome with a lot of my fellow nursery people. I can't blame them, since until now much of the hydroponic business has been done out of warehouses, and not mainstream garden centers. So it is welcome to see people outside of our businesses start to see the benefits of this type of gardening. Over at Garden Rant this article got my attention. Called "Urban Gardening in Saigon" it touches on the very areas we have been discussing. Check out this quote concerning who is doing this most of this urban gardening, "most of them are male, aged above 30".  Why are they doing this? "I accidentally learned from the Internet that anyone can grow sprout vegetable in their homes with simple tools and I decided to grow vegetables myself. The health of my child is the most important thing for me now."

So there you have it. People in Saigon, and the rest of the world are learning about this stuff through the Internet, and they are doing it for food safety. In addition, it's that illusive group of nursery customers known as "males", that are really getting behind this.

You heard it here first.