Our Garden

Onions growing in our garden This year along with evimg_1866.JPGeveryone else we decided to expand our garden. Our vegetable garden has been in used on and off for the last 25 years. We let it go fallow over the last few years, as we we're gardening at the nursery. Not only have we started using it again but I have doubled the size. The new ground, which is the dry area at the bottom, is full of rocks so it's going to take some conditioning. The rest of the garden has soil that is easy to work with. Right now we have an onion bed with white, red, and yellow onions, that are just starting to flower.

We love peppers so we planted 45 plants, including "Poblano", "Habanero", Yellow, Red and Green Bell Peppers.  Tomato wise we have 12 plants with 6 hybrids and 6 heirlooms. My "Celebrity" tomato has small fruit on it, which makes it earlier that the "Early Girl."

We also have 3 types of melons, 3 types of cucumbers, one zucchini, some pole beans, and in the new area some corn. I want to create a sitting space in amongst the corn where we can hide. Not from anybody, but just for the fun. I will also plant a pumpkin down there.


These are the peppers, with a space reserved for my Tepin peppers, which are suppose to be the hottest pepper on earth. They are still in the seed tray. They take almost 200 days to maturity.

The tree blooming in the background is the native Horsechestnut, which will soon turn brwon and drop it's leaves with the summer drought. The ground is already starting to dry up around here, and soon the green grass in the field will be golden brown.

We water every day as we get little or no rain for the next four months! We will hook up drip irrigation in the next week, but for now we hand water.

I am glad we have the garden at the house up and running again. So are the gophers! Yikes. I am using the GopherIt which emits a small vibration every 20 seconds or so, which is suppose to drive the gophers away. It's worked in the past, and I hope it will now as there is a gopher hole by virtually every plant.  I think they are waiting till the plants get bigger, since they haven't eaten one plant yet.