Take a breath

Lot's of new people coming into the nursery. Either they have just discovered us, or just discovered gardening. What a great opportunity if we don't let the spring craziness get to us. Yea, they ask a hundred questions and need some hand holding, but what an opportunity to start these people off on the right foot. I write this post to myself, as much as anyone else. Take a breath, and think about what this person on front of you is embarking on. To them it's into a land of mystery and excitement. Where to start? Fertilizer, organics, annuals, perennials, 4" pot, full sun, light shade, dappled shade, herbaceous, etc. etc. It means nothing to the new gardener. They are a blank slate and willing to listen to a trustworthy source.

Let's not let the craziness of spring get to us this year. Let's realize how lucky we are to see people coming in the door, when so many businesses are not.  Slow down, and really listen (without constantly glancing at the line forming at the cash register).

Today is Saturday, temperatures in the mid-seventies, The Needle Nellies will be hanging the quilts in the garden, and I expect a lot of people walking through the door. Going to see a lot of new customers today!