Organic fertilizers are selling!

I wanted to share an e-mail I sent to a friend in the nursery business back in New Jersey. She had written me concerning a new line of Bat Guano she was being presented with. She asked my opinion, as we have written about this before. Realizing that for many in the country organic fertilizers are somewhat new and untested I thought I would share the e-mail that I sent back. By the way, my nursery friend say's they may have just had their best March ever. Things are looking bright for small, locally owned garden centers! Here is my e-mail. "I get my bat guano from Sunleaves. That being said, bat guano is not my biggest seller. I will still carry it though, as it rounds out our fertilizer selection. I carry Indonesian and Mexican Bat Guano as well as Seabird guano. Bat Guano is the most potent of all manure products. You sprinkle it on dry, or make a "tea" out of it.

I would say bat guano is like a specialty fertilizer that sells, but never as much as your all purpose types like Marine Cuisine, or E.B. Stone Organics. I like carrying the bat guano because it sends the message that we are serious about fertilizers and about carrying a wide selection. I don't know about your area, but I have people who love to try out new fertilizers. Especially organics. Ever since I started carrying more of the fertilizers that the local hydroponic shops carry, my fertilizer sales are way up! I mean, why didn't I do this earlier? I have never sold so much fertilizer, especially organics. Now our local crowd doesn't have to travel 12 miles to Auburn or Placerville to get the same stuff. So, I cost a $ or two more. Travel time and the price of gas keeps them here.

I wouldn't want to steer you the wrong way. I do business in northern California where this stuff may be more accepted. I will say for me the increase in types of fertilizer has benefited us. I now carry almost 90% organic, and have finally weeded most if the Miracle Gro crowd out. For me its been a blast because I like fertilizer, and I like people who are interested in trying different things. I am counting on fertilizer sales this summer to keep the cash registers humming. It gets very hot here during the summer, so not much planting gets done. The only thing to do is water, (we sell drip systems) and sell fertilizer to keep those veggies growing.

Hope this helps,