I want a chicken now!

We open today, Easter Sunday from 10 to 2am. We usually close at 4pm on Sundays. We have to go the the nursery to check on water anyway so we have been open on Easter for the last few years. It's a time when people bring their relatives to the garden center. Visiting guests are always amazed that such a beautiful place exists here in Garden Valley, and the locals like to show us off. My "build a raised bed" workshop on Saturday was a hit. It is always well attended, but this year we we're packed with people interested in the concept. Here in the Sierras our soil is not always workable, so raised beds are a great way to get gardening right away.It's funny but people are so excited they don't want to wait for things to happen. I had a lady call the other day looking for a chicken. I don't know why she called us, but I said the hardware store across the street was selling baby chicks. No, she want's a grown chicken!She doesn't want to wait for the six months before they lay. She want's to live the lifestyle now!

This is very interesting. I had a call from a landscape firm in Granite Bay called,  peas and harmony. They design organic gardens. They called us a few weeks ago looking for fruit trees to plant for a home orchard they we're installing. I think this is a great idea. People do want to install organic gardens and orchards, but so many don't know where to start. I believe this is the single greatest growth area for garden centers or landscapers. People looking for information on making the lifestyle change to more home grown food. Not just growing food, but in enhancing the entire garden, be it ornamental or food bearing. People do want to "get back to the garden". They just need a guiding hand, and a full grown chicken.