I'm being followed by a box of fertilizer

I received a "follow" from Miracle-Gro at my Twitter account. They are not the first company to "follow" me, as it is "in" for business to get involved. I am not sure what these companies hope to achieve. I don't really have a problem with being followed by corporations. It's just I don't know who is following me. According to Scotts/Miracle-Gro their Twitter account will supply me with, "Updates from ScottsMiracle-Gro, Miracle-Gro's PR team and gardening fans!".  One of the things that keeps me interested in Twitter is the updates are from individuals, not corporations. I think Miracle-Gro's account would be better served if the CEO of Scott's Tweeted. Now that might be interesting. Do we really want to hear from Scotts PR team? No, I want to hear from Jim Hagedorn president of Scotts. That will put a personal face on giant corporation, and make for more interesting Tweets.