Don't feel guilty

I find it interesting that some of us feel guilty for saying we don't want all the attention for gardening. A couple of commenter's here preface their comments with, "I feel like a bit of a grump...', or "It almost makes me grumpy about gardening...", etc. Why do we feel this way? Because we have seen the results of over enthusiasm before. For many in the blogosphere, and elsewhere the idea that gardening is now hip is exciting. Some hope Oprah will grab a shovel and pitch in. After all, if she does millions will take up gardening, and the world will be a better place. They plant a vegetable garden at the  White House and Alice Waters proclaims "now everyone can grow a garden and have free food." 

There is nothing grumpy about watching the main stream media jump on the latest craze. We have seen what they can do with any news story and that's why we write and read blogs.  After all we have been talking about the increase in interest in gardening for years here. We've ignored the main stream media proclamations of "the death of gardening" for years now. Amy's Death of Gardening post was written in 2006. So why would we be excited when the same media tells us of gardening's new hipness?

So I don't find it "grumpy" to see all the attention gardening is getting and felling a little funky. It seems like when the main stream media focuses too much attention on a subject they ruin it. I can't wait for the breathless report from The Times about how, "gardening really doesn't save you money", or how "millions of Americans are now suffering from back problems", do to over exertion in the garden. What about over exposure to the sun?

Sit back and enjoy the show. When it's all said and done gardening will still be around, the celebrities will head off to the next cause, and we can continue the work we started here, and other blogs. Real people who garden, talking about their gardens and gardening. So refreshing.