It's about more than price.

Interesting post by Sarah at Open Register, where she decides not to purchase a hanging basket flower at Lowe's, as a show of support for independent garden centers. The basket was beautiful, and her instincts said, "buy". She chose not to. Are there many people like Sarah out there? People who see the results of their purchasing habit's. Can see if the money stays local, or heads off to corporate headquarters. I believe there is a growing number of people who will base their purchasing on more than price and convenience. They will buy from stores that provide the best quality and service, but with a nod to knowing where there money is going. I believe this is a result of more and more people who are self-employed, and know how hard it is to compete in the marketplace these days. The independent movement is growing, and bodes well for the smaller garden center. I also watch where I buy my stuff for the nursery. I do not support wholesale growers who do business with the box stores and chains. If I am going to be truly different and independent, how can I offer the same stuff they have at my local Home Depot? It is about more than price! Finding others who feel the same way is one way for the smaller garden center to succeed. Find these people, get their permission to tell your story, and they will come. Certainly not the majority of gardeners, but the ones who's loyalty will pay off in the long run. Like right now.