My interview in Garden Center Magazine

Here is a link to an article titled, "Garden Retail Meets the Digital Age", that appears in the February issue of Garden Center Magazine. Written by Sarah Martinez it's about my efforts to reach out via my blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. It's in a PDF format. Speaking of LinkedIn, our group "Garden Centers, Nurseries, and New Media, is closing in on 300 members! As of today we have 290 members. It's a very diverse group of people! The last two members are an example of that diversity. One is a an owner of a communications company in The Netherlands, while the other is a senior executive at Hines Nurseries. That's what makes the group so exciting! Unlike other Horticultural groups that focus on the plant and growing side of the business, we don't have those boundaries. This is exactly what the horticultural industries need right now. A "mash-up" if you will, of people from diverse backgrounds that are all interested in horticulture, and the new media landscape that changes almost daily.

I wonder what will come from these connections that are being made? We are at the verge of a new era for garden center retailing, and those that change with the times will be able to reap the benefits. Start connecting with people from all over the world, who share many of the same hopes and dreams you have.