Ingo Arndt visit's

There are a lot of articles out now about businesses that blog. Here is a good article titled "Do Garden Blogs Matter?" It's aimed at the garden center trade. Here is why I blog. I blog because I get to meet the most amazing people. I published a post on May 25th 2007, about the ladybug breeding ground near here.   Just yesterday I had Ingo Arndt, a German wildlife photographer here taking pictures of the breeding ground. This guy flew all the way from Germany based on e-mails from me, and that blog post. He is doing a project on hibernating for a European version of National Geographic. How did he find me? Google "ladybug breeding ground" and see what comes up. What an amazing wonderful world we live in! Could this have happened 10, or even 5 years ago? He promised to send some of the photographs, which I will post when they arrive.

I have found my most popular posts are ones where I simply write about what interests me. The Patent Navel Orange Tree Post from 2005 is another. It may be my most widely read post over the years. I get visitors to that post everyday. Why? It got picked up by Wikipedia for its article oranges.  I am footnote #2.

Blogging should be fun for the blogger. Don't blog just to blog, or because it's "the thing to do". Blog because it opens up a world of wonder, that I am amazed at every (well almost) every day.