Welcome to the recalibration

I love this blog post from Tom Peters. It's titled, "This is not a recession...think of it as a recalibration." It perfectly summarizes how I feel about our economic concerns. Tom say's, "everything is different now". How true. We in the horticulture business we're dealing with these changes even before the current economic roller coaster. Things are different now. The post encourages us to look to the incredible possibilities that are becoming available to us. We don't see them because we are so focused on our day to day lives, but the time to change is when everyone around you is hunkering down and doing their best to keep the status quo. Change is scary and people don't like to be scared. If you have the courage to face change with an air of excitement, you will start to see the opportunities afforded to us. Change is not easy, but it's our only choice.