Millennials want to meet you

This is interesting, and I feel good news for garden centers. The nursery business is fixated on what generation x and y are up to. Well this seems like it might translate over to the garden businesses. This was listed under "Millennials". According to Iconoculture, "The second-annual UnFancy Food Show — a celebration of handmade, decidedly unfussy food — was held at a dive bar in Brooklyn on June 29, 2008." The web page continues, "treats included country pâté with wild ramps; blackberry ice cream; and direct-trade, stone-ground organic chocolate." Sounds delicious to me. What's the take on this? According to Iconoculture, "The 'local, sustainable, organic' mantra isn't just for hardcore foodies. More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from (and want to meet the people who make that food)." Local, sustainable, organic, and they want to meet  the people who make that food. The small garden center is local, sells sustainable products, and can be organic leaning. You can usually meet the owners of the smaller operations. You should also be able to meet the people who "make"the plants and garden products via a blog. I am asked all the time why anyone should spend their time blogging. Because it's another way for people to "meet" the people behind that local, sustainable, organic, garden center.

What I find interesting is the idea of an un-fancy food event appeals to me, decidedly not a millennial. I think this trend extends beyond a certain age group. People are looking for connections in their lives. Who owns that small business down the road? How do they fit into the fabric of the neighborhood? Here is the money line from Iconoculture, " Food is no longer mere sustenance. Young, hip, creative people are seeing food as an (edible) art form and a creative outlet (New York Times 3.16.08)" Take food out and substitute "gardening". I think the future can be bright for those of us that understand this.