Time to simplify

I got an invitation to join another professional forum today. They are great people. I want to be a part of this exciting group, yet I don't think I am going to join. Well maybe I should join, but just stand over here in the corner, where no one will notice me. Why do that? If I am not going to be an active member, why join? The horticulture industry has discovered the power of the internet to connect people.  The problem is, do we need more sites to be connected than we already have. I have accounts at Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter, Society for Word of Mouth, TBD, Tribes, Blotanical, etc... How can I keep up with all this? Sure it's o.k. to start a new social or business site. It's just going to be harder and harder to get people to join if they don't see a real value. Joining to join is going to be looked at the same way as someone at a party that tries to hold a conversation with you, all the while scanning the room for the next conversation to jump into.

We have reached the point of over saturation. I have three blogs, a web page, LinkedIn group, and e-news that I am responsible for. That's enough to keep me busy. In addition I receive unsolicited e-mail from well meaning people who think I might enjoy their offering, whether its a new plant, fertilizer, or garden art. We have talked about this before. What I don't want to be is a social butterfly flitting from from place to another, yet never really getting involved.

It's time to simplify. Everywhere you look people are making decisions about what's really important in life. Whether it's money orientated, or just a feeling of be overwhelmed, there is a huge desire to carve out a more simple lifestyle(huge implications for the garden center business!). I need to do that with my online presence. Today is my day off, (from the nursery). I am going to close down a number of the accounts. It will be a bit weird to leave these places, though I think it will be like cleaning out the garage. You just have to bit the bullet and launch the stuff that clutters your life.

There is another problem with having too many accounts. How do you reach me? Is it through this blog, e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Which one is the real me? Gee, I wrote him at Facebook a week ago and he hasn't answered. It's not that I don't care, it's just I didn't notice that closed envelope at the top of the page. So, in the upcoming week if you notice my Facebook, Myspace, or SWOM accounts closed, it's not that I'm  climbing into a hole and hiding out. I'm just simplifying my online life. Many others will be doing this soon, and it has implications for all of us who are marketers. How important are you in your customers life? Were going to find out.

To reach me you can leave a comment here at this blog, e-mail me at trey@thegoldengecko.com, call 530.333.2394, or e-mail me through my LinkedIn account.  I want to hear from you! This will make it easier.