Hines Horticulture files for bankruptcy!

I was wondering why this blog was getting a large amount of visitors today looking for info on Hines Nurseries. Now I know! According to Greenhouse Grower Hines Horticulture has filed for bankruptcy. According to Greenhouse Growers web site, "Hines Horticulture filed for bankruptcy, the company announced Wednesday, after listing debt of as much as $500 million and assets of less than $50,000 in Chapter 11 documents filed. The news is disappointing to us at Greenhouse Grower because Hines made strides over the last couple of years to set the company on the right course for the future." We have been discussing the situation at Hines, one of the largest wholesale nurseries in the country for the last couple of years here. This August 2007 post on Hines has over 36 comments from employees and others. Anyone reading that post and the comments could see the writing on the wall. I am proud that this blog offered a place for people who felt let down by the company, as well as those who support the company to express their views.