Raised Bed

The raised bed that we made in our workshop in April raised bed is now planted.
In the 4 by 8' bed we planted four tomatoes, "Lemon Boy", "Early Girl", "Isis Candy", and "Tangerine". In addition we planted Peppers, "Habenero", "Jalapeno", "Yellow Bell", "Pablono", and "Anaheim Chili". We also tucked basil and cilantro into the bed.

The tomato cages are heavy duty metal, and the hoops are to hold bird netting or frost blanket over the plants. Monica is placing the bird netting over the hoops. The netting for now will keep the cats out of the box.
I filled the boxes with a combination of "Green All" Planting Mix and "Foxfarm" Planting mix. You can reach in with your bare hands to about a foot without much effort. It's so soft and fluffy!

The nursery sprinklers will water the bed every morning, and we will feed with "E.B. Stone" Tomato and Vegetable food once a month.

Planting our little garden bed was quite satisfying, as we spend all day helping other people to garden that we often find ourselves without the energy to do our own. I would like to build a couple of more beds and use our garden as a demonstration garden for our guests and customers.