Behold The "Czerno Krimski"

The "Black Krim" Tomato originates from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea, near the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine. Soldiers returning home from the Crimean War, in the late 19th century, gathered these seeds and began sharing them.

A true 'beefsteak' tomato, since the fruits are both large with a very 'meaty' but with juicy firm, delicious flesh. A favorite out here on The West Coast for sandwiches, many say it's "ugly" looking. I find it intriguing, and pleasantly unlike the almost to perfect looking red tomatoes we see in the store. Besides, its flavor makes it well worth it's unique appearance.

They are not always easy to find in the grocery store so most people grow them to assure a steady supply during the summer, and fall. Since they are an heirloom type of tomato, the seeds can be saved and planted next season. It’s one of our more popular varieties at the nursery and our home where we can grill them on the BBQ.