Can you hear me now!

Something happened here a month or so ago that might surprise you. We got a cell signal! Verizon built a new tower on a mountain near here and now we can use our cell phones. Yes, just 40 miles from the state capitol of Sacramento we we're unable to receive a cell signal because of the hills and mountains. So for the first time the other day a customer used the phone to call home and see if they already had the fertilizer I had recommended. Now the sales reps that dare to make the trip up here won't act like they are in Timbuktu because their cell phones don't work. I actually liked not having the service here. It was different and forced people to focus on the garden rather than the cell phone. Oh well. We don't have high speed internet up here either. Comcast hasn't strung a cable yet. If you want something that resembles high speed you have to go with Satellite, which is quite expensive to set up. What all this means is my attempts at new media don't effect most of my customers or readers here, yet. I am hoping that the technology I saw, where you can use your cell phone to allow internet access on you computer will bring the high speed to more people up here.

Even without the high speed internet we continue to build our presence on the web. When the time comes we will be there.