Connections are being made online. If your not online you won't know these connections are being made. Your on line if your reading this, but if you have been waiting to get involved now is the time. It's funny how the same people, or type of people show up at the various social media. I spent yesterday getting connected with others on LinkedIN . I hadn't done much with this the last year or so, but now I have connected with all sorts of people who I have met via my blog. The same goes for Twitter. Many of the same interesting people who I have met through the blog are there.

The idea of a garden center blog is not about driving customers to your store, but rather in allowing you to express yourself. That's the fun of a blog. You can write what you want, and if it's interesting people will interact. I have found that in my corner of the horticultural world there is a great interest in connecting. In the past the only way for the nursery person to connect with others was through trade organizations, and the attendant monthly meetings.

Now we are connecting on our own! Like minded people are finding each other. The next big things, as well as the little things are being talked about on the Internet. If you feel you have something to say, then now is the time to get out there and speak your mind. How can we connect if your not out there in the game? Remember, lot's of this social media is so new that the only people using it are what's called “early adapters”. Sure you won't find a lot of your customers or fellow nurserypeople online YET. That will change over time. The sooner you start the better.