Garden Centers Shouldn't Blog?

Over at Doug's Blog he writes a post titled "Garden Centers Shouldn't Blog". Read it and see if you agree or not. If you already believe that blogs are a waste of time, this will validate that. I was recently interviewed by a magazine that asked if I could cite how much our revenue has grown since starting my blog. I have no idea if it's driven any new business into the store. Just wanted to write about stuff that interested me. If your going to blog do it because you want to, not because it's cool. I love this quote, "you’re in the nursery business - not the information-business.". Next time somebody brings a leaf in and wants it identified I'll tell them, "I am in the nursery business, not the information business." 'What's the difference between organic and synthetic pesticides?" "I am in the nursery business, not the information business. Get your answers at Doug's Blog."

Doug's advice on web pages, " You need a website and you need it optimized for local searches. You need to have something up there that that speaks to local folks so when they search for a garden center in “anytown” - you’re going to pop up." This is excellent advice!

This is why blogging is looked at suspiciously by those who want to measure the results of the time spent. Why spend time blogging if you can't monetize the experience. Blogging is not about driving customers to the store. It's about SHARING INFORMATION and learning from one another.

I am sure Doug would laugh at my new found interest in "Twitter". No way that's going to bring me customers. Here is the bottom line. All this stuff is so new we can't possibly know where it's going or how big it's going to get. You are either "on the bus" or not. Doug and I are.