Big opportunity for "real" green businesses

We had talked earlier, actually July 11th, about green issues and whether the public would tire of the constant onslaught of  "green claims". According to this article, Cooling off on dubious eco-friendly claims in the New York Times, advertisers are starting to see this. According the the article, "with everyone from oil companies to dishwasher makers to banks trotting out their environmental credentials, complaints about greenwashing, or misleading consumers about a product's environmental benefits, have risen."

Two things to take away from this. First, if you truly back up your "green claims" you have nothing to worry about. People are interested in the environment, and they simply want reality to match a companies marketing claims. Second, we we're talking about this issue in our blog and others a week or so earlier than The New York times came out with the story. Blogs are becoming the the news source for the new millennium.