Our new blog

screen-shot-071008.JPG"Gardening with The Blogging Nurseryman" is The Golden Gecko's new blog. This blog as become my way of participating in the great conversations going on about the business of horticulture. It was originally designed as a way to talk to my customers about garden related subjects. It morphed into something else, and that's o.k. Now we have a new blog that will be our way of adding information to our existing web page. We hope to have information valuable to the gardener, especially the northern California gardener. I would also like the new blog to be a way to up-date people on garden issues immediately. Where as changing the web page involves having the web master make changes and takes time, the blog can be updated immediately. I could see it's use as a way to quickly get important info, like frost warnings, and drought concerns, to the customer immediately. We'll let our customers know that they might benefit by subscribing to it. That way it will show up on their reader or in their mail box and they will get info right away.

I got tired of trying to get my blogroll from one blog to the other, so we started by adding California blogs I could think off. If I missed you it was by accident. The blogroll from The Blogging Nurseryman will move over to the new blog, with the exception of industry related blogs, which I will keep here.