We need more dreamers

The Golden Gate from Angel Island

I love to write. Not "garden writing" mind you. I just want to write. If it happens to be about gardening, the garden, or the garden trades, fine. It’s not an ideal way to make a living however.  We can all name writers who have made fortunes based on their written word, but it’s a very rarefied group. I believe most writers barely make a living off their craft, if it’s a living wage at all. Still, I just want to write.

Recently a book was sent to me for review. The author would be labeled a well known “garden writer”. I’ll just refer to them as a writer, who has written a book about gardening. The review will come later this week. I was pleased the publisher thought of me when they asked for a review. I have never reviewed a book before. Why me? Is it because I had asked one night just a short time ago to reveal in my dreams some direction? I do that now and then. It's playful, and fun. You never know what your dreams will reveal. Suddenly everywhere I look writing opportunities are turning up. There is something at work here. Our "reality" springs forth from our dreams.

It would be nice to see more dreamers in the horticultural trades. I know it’s not very “practical”, but it would be nice. I think the dreamers are out there, and want to contribute.  Often we are overly concerned with the practical stuff, and turn off the dreamers among'st us.  The other day I was reading at a trade discussion group where someone asked what where the qualities of a good "horticulturalist"?  The very first answer from someone in the trade,  "We're horticulturists, not horticulturalists." “Horticulturalist” or “Horticulturist”, does it really matter? Instead of correcting people on their semantics, perhaps we should answer their questions? I see this all the time in our trade businesses. We wonder why people don't want to be "helped" when the arrive at our stores? Or do they bother arriving at all?

Our trade is in need of independent thinkers and dreamers. Labels can be confining or liberating. Be sure when it comes to what you do you don't let others trap you within "their" labels. Keep dreaming.