Planting garlic

The garlic bed "Spanish roja" or "Greek" garlic is one of my favorite varieties. I planted about  200 in this bed alone. Likely plant about 400 more at home. Fall is the time to plant garlic in northern California.

I don't plant the big "Elephant Garlic". Too mild a flavor for my taste. The "Spanish roja" has a nice spicy flavor.  Unsurpassed thrown in a hot pan with just about anything. I cook them in their skin, removing it later.

Break the individual cloves off the garlic bulb. Space these cloves about 6-8 inches apart, in rows 15 inches wide. They get planted point up, about 1 inch into the soil. I set them where they will be planted first, like in the picture. Then it's easier to just dig a small hole where they sit.

2013-09-25 14.37.33

It's a long time before we harvest, usually in July. During winter there is not much to do . In spring we water once the rains have stopped. Harvest is usually in July. Once the garlic is dug up you can store it for months in a cool, dry place.  It's great having fresh garlic available to throw on the BBQ, or stove.