The British are worried about horticulture

BBC_WorldNews_Stack_Rev_RGB (1) It appears the British are concerned because, "research has suggested that many teenagers believe careers in the sector (horticulture) are for those who have failed academically." According to The BBC, "72% of horticulture firms cannot find skilled workers, with teens viewing the job as 'unskilled'".

A hopeful sign was the last paragraph from the article. According to a spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, "through our 'Future of Farming Initiative' we are working with the industry to help more talented, entrepreneurial young people build careers across the agriculture sector, including horticulture."

Just wording it , "The Future of Farming" is a good start.  We need to show that horticulture also includes the future of what we eat. Then the young people will show more interest. They are not necessarily interested in ornamental horticulture as much their parents we're. If the younger generation can understand that by becoming involved in horticulture they can change the world, then they might show interest. If they think horticulture is only about the perennial beds,  foundation shrubs, or lawn care, we won’t get the interest.

Get them hooked on the food side of horticulture, then the ornamental side may show more promise to them.  And forget about initiatives that are government supported. That will just bog the whole thing down. The trade needs to see what’s happening, and make the changes necessary themselves. Then you'll attract the type of new horticulturists we so desperately need going into the future.