Avoiding the real work

Here is a great 20 minute video from Seth Godins recent talk at Creative Mornings/New York. The key takeaways for me. Most people who are over using the social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook are doing so in an attempt to avoid doing the “real work” necessary for change. These platforms for some have turned into the 21’st century’s version of “watching the tube”. I enjoy using these tools, but do realize that they have a way of taking up your time if you’re not careful.

The other take away for me is, "we each own a media company." Our ability to broadcast ideas has never been easier, or so within reach for each of us. What are we doing with that ability? Broadcasting more noise, or changing the world?

There is also a twenty minute clip of Seth answering questions at the same talk. Here is that video. Useless factoid, Seth and I we’re born on the same day, same year. Enjoy the talk, and your weekend.