Pictures of some cold damaged plants

072.JPGHere are some pictures of the type of cold damage we experienced. The Japanese Maples, especially the fine leaf varieties look like they will have to loose all the leaves before they get new leaves. Some of the "Bloodgood" varieties seem to have escaped the severe damage. The Hydrangeas got hit but will recover. Unfortunately they we're loaded with flower buds which are now destroyed. There goes Mother Day sales of Hydrangeas. The last picture is of some Pieris "Forest Flame" with the new red growth burned. This is the highlight of this bush. I went through and cut off all the new growth. Hopefully most of these plants will recover.076.JPG

The problem is these plants will now be sitting around right through the important spring season. By the time they recover we will be in 0741.JPGsummer. What to do? Buy in more replacement stock to sell until the others recover? Sorry, can't do a lot of that. Already spent the money to get these plant here. Can't just order more. I also don't think leaving these plants in the sales area is good business. We could have a "cold snap" sale but who is going to buy damaged looking plants? This kind of damage, at this time of year will cut into sales. I hear the story in Oregon is much the same, with spotty but serious damage depending on the nurseries location.