I do #Block Friday

When your not a fan of “Black Friday” it can seem your the only one around who feels that way. Everyone is so into it you feel like your paddling upstream against a tide of commercialism. So it was nice to see in my e-mail box a link to “Block Friday”. At the #Blockfriday website they want to “take back Black Friday to be mindful of the way we spend our time and money. Block Friday started as a way to remind ourselves that even as we begin the holiday shopping season in earnest, we can still be mindful of the way we’re spending our time and money. What are you Blocking Friday for this holiday season?”

The people at Holstee, a design firm say, “ Around this time last year, we announced that our shop would go offline on the Friday after Thanksgiving to allow our team and community to enjoy that precious time with friends and family. This year we invite you to join us and create a movement together. Have your own community and want to support Block Friday? Go here.

I will be spending my Friday enjoying the day with my wife. Our businesses will be closed, so we might head down to the wildlife refuge and do a little bird watching.

See, it can be done.