Keep your e-newsletter short and sweet

During our “social media success panel” at the IGC Show an audience member asked how often to send out e-news letters to their fans (customers). They also wonder what was considered too often to send out. They looked at me with doubtful eyes when I said “as often as your fans will let you”. If you can send out an e-news letter everyday that would be great. The lady who asked the question said it took her days to come up with enough information to send out a “proper newsletter”. How could anyone, especially in small business find the time to do that daily?

I receive e-newsletters from a couple of businesses on a daily basis. One of my favorite e-newsletters is Hugh MacLeod of “Gapingvoid”. Hugh has made a living putting his art on business cards. No one else I know of does that. His e-news is usually an uplifting message included with some of his artwork. If the newsletter is the beginning of a longer post it will link to his web page where you can read more. The e-news itself is short and sweet. Here is a link to his daily cartoon e-news. 

I think many of us use “old media” thinking when we use The Internet. The lady at the seminar told us she was putting together a regular newsletter that you might receive through the mail. When we use to send newsletters we wanted to make sure they we’re filled with useful information since postage was expensive, and you might only be able to send out one a month. With e-news you can send out newsletters much more frequently, and therefore make them shorter. Don’t spend so much time trying to stuff “old media” into “new media” technology. Why not send out a quick, easy to read, e-news that can be digested in a couple of minutes? You stay “top of mind” with the audience, since your saying “hello” everyday. You’re also are not asking the reader to spend their morning peering at all the information you put inside of it. Best of all your not killing yourself trying to come up with enough information to fill a "snail mail" newsletter.

Like Hugh say's about his e-news, you'll get "a new cartoon sent out every weekday morning to your inbox. A wee chuckle to start your day off right etc."  Short, and sweet.