Update on two horticultural (at onetime) powerhouses

Some posts just keep on giving. Two that have gotten attention well after they day they we're posted are about two companies having problems with their business. Aquascapes is the largest supplier of pond related products in the U.S. Greg Wittstock, the CEO started a blog called Pondemonium in which he details his thinking on what is up with the company. Reading the comments from Greg's supporters as well as his detractors is an excellent lesson for any CEO considering a blog. Greg even mentions here about quitting the blog because of the reactions. He asks, “Here's the ultimate blog question to all of you in blog heaven or hell. Should I just button up and close this blog down? Or should I continue to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with running any business? You tell me.”

Another post is about Hines Nurseries, one of the largest wholesale plant growers in the U.S. They have been having financial problems and we're de-listed on the stock exchange about a half a year ago. Commenter Robert Jones has some of the latest on what's up with the company. He says, “Hines may be going up on the 'For Sale' block soon! Rumor has it that a small financial group lead by a former Hines employee is charging ahead with a offer to purchase the failing dirt pile that today’s upper management has created.”

It's interesting to see these two one time powerhouse companies as they try to steer a course through the choppy waters of doing business these days. Concerning Hines, I had always thought what Robert stated, “... maybe someone with some intellect will look at the crappy business model that creates the illusion of actually making money by selling lower to box stores than it costs to grow the plants! I could never figure that one out!” I can't either!