Plantosaurus Rex

What a fantastic way to spend a day with a child, and let your imagination's run free. The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco has a new exhibit titled, “Plantosaurus Rex”, and it’s all about ancient plants and dinosaurs. That’s the “hook”  to get the kids interested.  We read in an article of SF Gate that, "I was a huge dinosaur nerd as a kid," admitted Director of Operations and Exhibitions Lau Hodges, who put the display together and wrote its explanatory booklet. "It was a dream come true, a chance to show a lot of plants we don't often display." What a fantastic idea. Kids just love thinking about dinosaurs. To be able to see them in their native surroundings, what a thrill. There is even a T Rex busting through the roof of the conservatory. Oh, and there are lots of plants that even T Rex might have even trampled through. Take a child with you, and ignite their imagination.

The Conservatory of Flowers is located in Golden Gate Park.