Support your locally run garden businesses

LOGON Having been in the garden center business for 30 years, I have seen all sorts of changes. A very powerful and positive change is the ability of gardening businesses to communicate with one another via The Internet. Sure, we communicated before via trade meetings once a month, or phone calls to see what price their petunia six packs we're, but that was about it. Many of us lived in an isolation of sorts, always wondering what other gardening businesses we're thinking and doing.

That's changing, and in a very positive way for smaller garden businesses. With our Independent Garden Center Group we have garden center owners and employees  communicating about all sorts of subjects. It's a place where you can ask your peers if they have ever tried this idea or that one, and receive thoughtful responses quickly. The best part is many of the subjects and ideas worked out in the group are making a real difference to businesses bottom lines. The people in the group want to be there, and that makes all the difference. Look to our group to continue making a positive difference in the garden center trade.

To give our fans a place to show their support we created "LOGON to GROW". It stands for locally owned garden centers or nurseries. We want to spread the news that supporting locally owned, well run business is vital to the community. If you don't, then all we will be left with to buy our garden supplies is box stores, mega growers, and chemical companies. As more and more people dive into growing their own food a resource for information and goods is vital. We have lots of cool ideas to share with you and would like to have your opinion on how we can do a even better job. Come celebrate local, green, garden businesses at LOGON to GROW.