Not closed on Mondays

The response for my “Closed on Mondays” post has been great. Hearing from both the consumer as well as industry professionals has been very helpful. We have decided to make some changes based on these recommendations, as well as our own feelings on the subject.

First, we will be open seven days a week during the spring and possibly the summer. I agree with the commenter's that Monday can be a good sales day. We have always found that Saturday or Sunday is our best sales day's with Monday or Friday being the best weekdays for sales. Spring is just so important for our business, with almost half of the years sales coming during that time, that to be closed any day just cuts into the profitability of the business. So, will take good care of our selves and just “go for it” during that time of year. We've done it before!

During spring we will not only be open seven days a week but will stay open till 6 pm, instead of our current 5 pm closing. This will allow people to stop by after work. During the weekend we will likely close at 5, maybe continue with the 4 pm Sunday closing.

Summer is interesting since it usually gets so hot here that most people don't do a lot of gardening, especially from July to September. We are thinking of opening earlier, about 8:30 pm, instead of our current 10 am so folks can get out to the nursery before the heat is on. By 5 pm its often the hottest part of the day and I am tempted to close earlier, but we will see.

So for now we will stick with our decision to be open 7 days a week during the critical spring season as well as staying open until 6 pm. Thanks to everyone who commented. Your advice helped us to make some important decisions. The sharing of ideas with like minded people from across the globe is one of the promises of the Internet that will help small business stay in business.