I have been meme'd by Angela, Billy, and now Eric. I guess three is a charm so I'll play along. The theme is eight things for which you are thankful for.


  1. My youngest daughter just moved out of the house. No, I am not thankful she moved out, but thankful she has learned to live on her own like her older sister. While she has a lot to learn she will do just fine.

  2. My wife and I are somehow able to work together. I don't know a lot of couples that can live and work together without going crazy. I am already crazy so it just a mater of her keeping her sanity.

  3. We got another year under our belt and will be here to open again next year.

  4. Living in the foothills of The Sierra Nevada. Having been born in So. Cal and growing up in The San Francisco area I can say that where we are now is the best.

  5. The Internet. Despite the negatives the positives have changed my life. I am learning more about things I am interested in faster and more enjoyably than ever. It's true, the Internet changes everything.

  6. My families as well as my health.

  7. Great credit. I knew it would come in handy someday.

  8. That I live in a place and during a time where I have the freedom to do things like this meme. Life is good.


Now I know I should tag some others but I don't follow the rules well so your all off the hook.


Here is one more thing I am thankful for. I just read that Amy has bought herself a used bookstore in Eureka. What a great place for an author to hold court. I am thankful that there are people out there proving that small independent business can make it. Thats why I listed number 5 as The Internet. This medium allows like minded individuals to connect and support one another, despite physical distance. We, who are involved in this medium are changing the world is ways we can't even imagine today. What an exciting time!