Blotanical and Edenmakers

I want to congratulate Stuart on his website called Blotanical It is a great resource for people interested in gardening blogs. I don't know where Stuart find the time to do these things. He is surely one of the hardest working bloggers out there.

I noticed that when my blog comes up on his site only part of the home page comes up. I realize that its because my old Blogger address is being used. I have it redirect to my new blog address, but because it redirects strange things happen. If you don't mind could you do me a favor? If you have my old Blogger address on your blog roll could you change it to my new blog address, It might prevent some blogging mischief from occurring.

I want to welcome Edenmakers Blog to the blog roll. Shirley Bovshow is an “in-demand landscape designer in Los Angeles and the designer/co-host of the television show, “Garden Police” airing on the Discovery Home Channel.” I am so happy Shirley has started a blog. Its hard to get a feel for the people that appear on the garden shows. By starting her blog she has given me an everyone an insight into the person behind the “personality” on the T.V.