It's hard to wear out your welcome here.

Sid Raisch is a consultant with The Garden Center Group. Sid commented on a post I made back in January on Nursery Trade Shows. Sid gives an impassioned defense of his trade and prefaces his comment with “me here to defend myself as a consultant again. I hope I'm not wearing out my welcome.” No Sid, you are not wearing out your welcome. This is exactly why I started this blog, to speak my mind and facilitate the free exchange of ideas concerning the horticultural world.

While I speak my mind I would certainly expect no less from any of my visitors or commenter’s. I am just one nursery person trying to figure out the magic formula to nursery nirvana. I enjoy the creative side of the business and tend to ignore, for better or worse the “nuts and bolts” of the business. Sid hits it on the head when he say’s “I won't speak for the other consultants or experts but for me, most of the time the real value I bring is helping owners actually do what they already know they need to do but aren't getting done.” So often it’s the kick in the butt by someone outside the organization or family that forces the owners to make the needed changes to stay profitable.

While I have never hired a nursery consultant I have worked with a business consultant before and found the experience a great benefit. If you feel the need to hire a nursery consultant I would have no hesitation to say “do it”. Trying to choose which consultant could be difficult. Sid has taken the time to introduce himself and share his ideas so I would welcome him back anytime and his organization would be one I would check out first.

When I started this blog there were few in the horticultural industry blogging. Things have changed in the years since, and it can only be a good thing. What I like about this blog is that both professional horticulturists as well as avid gardeners can read it and share. I like the fact that Sid feels strongly enough about his business to have commented at this blog. This is my reward for writing the blog. Being able to facilitate conversation that causes us to think about and share ideas.