Go shopping today? Not me

On this so called “Black Friday” shopping day we will be open. I don't know about other nurseries but this day is traditionally one of our slowest days of the year. It would appear that most people would rather shop the malls with the crowds than shop the nursery. We decided to open because I have to work off yesterdays huge meal, and we just enjoy going to the nursery and enjoying ourselves.

I think if you asked most of the people shopping today if they could honestly afford what they are purchasing they would say no. Its almost like the stores and credit card companies invented today to help everyone get further in debt. I love the holidays but the push to shop for things that could be bought any time of the year simply because its the holidays turns me off.

There are others like me out there. They look at today and just shake their heads. Oh well, it takes all kinds to make the world go around. I prefer more authentic experiences than are available at the mall. I would rather receive a hug and a visit from my kids and granddaughter than have them spend money they don't have (credit) to buy stuff that I really don't need. When you get down to it there is little that I need. I have food, shelter, clothes, and friends and family which is more than most have in the world.

Gardening is going to be coming back strong as more people look to enjoy the simple things that don't require large amounts of debt. I believe that vegetable and fruit tree gardening is going to lead the way. Some people want to re-connect to the earth and the source of their food. Most of all they are discovering the wonderful flavor of home grown as well as the pride that comes with producing your own gourmet food.

You can sense it. There is great change in the air. I don't subscribe to the negativity that some people hold about theses changes. I instead look positively to what the future holds. Some feel the change needs to be mandated and political. I feel the change needs to come from within each of us. We each hold within us the power to change "our" world.

My world today will consist of no shopping. I'll be working in the garden.